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High Density Shelving File Shelving Box Shelving Rotary Shelving
Open Four Post Shelving Pull Out Shelving

Our selection of office shelving includes high density shelving, file shelving, box shelving, rotary shelving, open four post shelving, and pull out shelving. All of these shelving options will help your office and employees become more efficient by saving space and increasing productivity.

High Density Shelving

High Density Shelving is also known as compact shelving, mobile shelving, or rolling shelving. The concept behind high density shelving is simple; reduce the number of access aisles to save floor space. This is accomplished by placing the shelving on floor tracks so that it can be rolled together and condensed. When you need to access the shelving, you can push a button or turn the handle and an aisle will be created.

Our customizable high density shelving can store anything, including your existing shelving or file cabinets. Here are just a few other examples of items that can be stored in high density shelving:

  • Files
  • Record Boxes
  • Sports Equipment
  • Medical Supplies
  • Costumes
  • Artifacts
  • Books
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Police Evidence
  • Parts and Tools
  • Framed Artwork
  • Weapons

In addition to saving huge amounts of floor space, high density shelving is great for organizing and streamlining your business as it changes and grows. High density shelving eliminates the hassle of searching all over the office for a file or box because all your items are stored in one centralized location, which will make your employees happy and more productive.

File Shelving

There are all types of ways to file your information; however there are limitations to what will fit in a file cabinet. We understand every company stores and organizes their files differently, which is why we have dynamic file shelving that can store, end tab files, redrope file pockets, Oblique compartments, and more. Don’t just limit yourself to lateral or vertical file cabinets for your file storage.

Box Shelving

Our specially designed box shelving is perfect for storing record boxes, file boxes, archival boxes, holiday decoration boxes, and more. Basically anything that will fit in a box that you have, we can fit in our box shelving. Box shelving is also a great way to stay organized, protect important documents, and reduce back injury because employees and staff will no longer have to deal with piles of boxes all over the storage room floor.

Rotary Shelving

Rotary shelving is also known as revolving or rotating shelving because the shelving moves to open and close. The rotary shelving is excellent because it can be used to save floor space and act as a divider between two office areas. Each side of the shelving can store items and files, and when you are done using the rotary shelving just rotate it and lock it up for the night.

Open Four Post Shelving

Our open four post shelving is designed with flexibility in mind. You have an array of options from rolling lockable doors, drawers, file dividers, trays, and more to customize your shelving just the way you want it. Open four post shelving is also designed to be easily reconfigured and relocated to another part of your office, or it can be moved and installed onto high density shelving.

Pull Out Shelving

Removing multiple access aisles to shelving saves space, and a great way to do that is with pull out shelving. Pull out shelving is just what it sounds like it is, shelving that you pull out to access your files or items. The pull out shelving will open up your office storage area and condense your stored files because you no longer have to have multiple access aisles.