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Our selection of industrial shelving includes pallet rack shelving, high density shelving, mezzanine shelving, cantilever rack shelving, and wire shelving. All of these shelving options will save you floor space in your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant storage area, which will provide you with a quick return on your investment.

Pallet Rack Shelving

We have two types of Pallet Rack Shelving, stationary static shelving and compact motorized shelving for warehouse equipment storage. Our recommendation and specialty is compact motorized pallet rack shelving because it reduces the amount of floor space required for storage. The idea behind compact motorized pallet rack shelving is to reduce individual access aisles to one or two movable aisles. This is accomplished by placing pallet racks on rails that allow the system to move back and forth, creating an aisle only where and when you need to access stored items. The operator can open the unit with a remote control or by pushing a button. There are also numerous safety features that will guarantee safe operation.

Advantages and Benefits of Compact Motorized Pallet Rack Shelving

  • Increased storage capacity because more material can be housed in the same space
  • Efficiently stores parts and equipment of any size or shape
  • Less space is required for material handling storage
  • Prevents costly new building constructions or expansions
  • Improved workflow through faster access

High Density Shelving

High density shelving is made to be tough and durable for all your warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, and industrial storage needs. High density shelving condenses shelves together to create a compact unit, with only one or two movable access aisles. The high density shelving system saves floor space and can store anything. Here are just a few examples of items and parts that can be stored in high density shelving:

  • Your existing shelving, cabinets, or pallet racks
  • Production and service parts
  • Tools and hardware
  • Maintenance parts
  • Totes
  • Small parts bins
  • Bulky items

High density shelving also works great in freezers and for refrigerated storage because the stainless steel tracks resist corrosion from moisture. You can also add modular drawers for specialized or small part storage.

Mezzanine Shelving

We have high quality functional mezzanines that will improve the efficiency of your warehouse or manufacturing storage space. Mezzanines can be an integral part of a total material handling system because they can provide extra storage space without costly building construction. Multi level mezzanine systems take advantage of unused overhead space to double your storage or provide you with extra office space. Whether you are looking for a structural mezzanine or freestanding mezzanine, we can provide you with a multi level system that will maximize your warehouse storage area.

Cantilever Rack Shelving

Cantilever Rack Shelving is great for organizing and storing long, bulky items because there are no columns or braces on the front of the shelving. Cantilever rack shelving is ideal for storing beams, pipes, timber, dry wall, aluminum sheets, bars, tubing or any other unwieldy load. Some of the benefits of getting these items off the floor and into cantilever shelving racks is increased labor efficiency, reduction in back injury, improved picking accuracy, and a quick return on investment.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a practical and cost effective industrial storage system for warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. The wire shelving’s heavy duty construction material keeps them sturdy and resilient in industrial environments. The benefit of wire shelving is that it promotes increased air circulation, which protects your stored items from dust and mold, and it allows for better product visibility.